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protect the villages in its neighbourhood, as well as the travel-
lers journeying along the Kasi-Ramesvara Road from the
attacks of Vira Narasimharaja.

Dhuli Basi Nayadu, in obedience to the royal command,
left Yijayanagara with all his retinue, and arrived, in course of
time, at Kamalapura which he made his headquarters. He
advanced upon lladdi-Grundala, and after a fight with the
followers of Vira Narasimharaja, captured it. Vira Narasiniha
lied to Udayagiri. Dhuli Basi Nayadu returned to
Kamalapur, and devoted his time in keeping guard over the
Great Road (bhara-marga), and the villages in its vicinity.

K&ijiyat of PattHrupZUm, Z. tf. 9, pp. 348-9.

Sivaraja, the son of (Sambeta) Pinnayadeva Maharaja,
used to collect the Jcavali dues from all the slmas in the neigh-
bourhood as far as they were accessible to him without any
regard for his equals. When Saluva NarasimharSya Maharaya
who was ruling at Vijayanagara in S. 1425 Rudhirodgari,*
obtained intelligence of the conduct of the Sambeta chief,
being unable to tolerate (this defiance of authority), he
marched with an army against him; and (having reached his
capital, Peranipadu) he set up his camp on the southern
side of the town. Then he ordered that his guns should open
fire upon the fort. As the guns mounted on the bastions
of the fort gave a vigorous reply, the besiegers, who were
encamped oxitside, were obliged to take shelter behind a
hillock called the Graggitippa. Having perceived that the
hillock, at one point on its northern face, was higher than the
bastions of the fort, they seized it at night, and by means of
a scaffolding which they quickly erected, they set up a battery
<'f guns on its summit and began to bombard the fort before it
was morning. It was no longer possible to keep the guns of
the bastions in position. The shots fired from a higher altitude
penetrated the three enclosures of the fort, and fell upon the
palaces, which as a consequence were levelled to the ground.

* Th« date Is too late for Saluva Naratimlift.